How to market your masters

You've studied hard and gotten good results, but how you can you translate all the skills, techniques and training you developed during your masters course to the job market? We get asked a lot about the best ways to showcase your masters course. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions.



Will a masters make a difference to how employers view me?

This depends on your course and the sector. In some areas a masters, while not necessarily a requirement, tends to be the baseline qualification that most employees have. The museums and policy sectors are good examples of this. In this case postgraduate study will of course be an asset. Your masters may have given you essential technical training, or turned a broad-ranging undergraduate degree into something more specialist.

My masters is theory based. How do I present it to employers?

Often having theoretical or conceptual training can help you to approach work creatively and strategically. You are likely to have developed a good level of research and analysis skills. In some areas, such as the social sciences, you might have looked at real world issues through a theoretical lens. Highlight these transferable skills in your applications and how they are relevant to the job you want. Make sure you explain the content of your course in non-academic language.

Can I apply for graduate schemes?

Yes! Many of the graduate recruitment schemes welcome masters graduates and undergraduates, and you may have developed skills and knowledge to give you a competitive edge.


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